Weekly Outfit Round Up 9/5/16 – 15/5/16

I swear I had nice outfits every day of the work week but I just ran out of time and wasn’t always able to take photos. I know! I’m sad too. Tuesday Top & trousers- Pinup Girl Clothing Shoes- B.a.i.t. Footwear Wednesday Sweater- Kmart Trousers- Vivien of Holloway Shoes- B.a.i.t. Footwear Friday Sweater- Kmart Jeggings- Crossroads […]

Weekly Outfit Round Up 5/5/16 – 7/5/16

This was a short outfit week because I was so sick and pretty much housebound which meant I lived in leggings and oversized jumpers *booo hiss!* Thursday Top- Kmart Skirt made by me Shoes- B.a.i.t. Footwear Jewellery- Dottie DeLite Jewellery Friday Top & skirt- Pinup Girl Clothing Shoes- Kmart Bettie Page handbag- Natasha Marie Clothing Lipstick- […]

An outfit a day keeps the blues away 17/3 – 21/3

Tuesday (St. Patrick’s Day) Tilly Dress- Voodoo Vixen Belt- Pinup Girl Clothing Ione Heels- B.A.I.T. Footwear.com Herb’s Hot Hoot Brooch- Erstwilder Wednesday Jenny Dress- Pinup Girl Clothing Shoes- Rubi Shoes Thursday Jenny Dress- Pinup Girl Clothing Ida Heels- B.A.I.T. Footwear.com Chiffon petticoat- Ebay I love it when the postman brings me presents. I just had to swap shoes, they just matched so well. […]

An outfit a day keeps the blues away 9/3 – 14/3

Monday  Hell Bunny Dahlia Dress- Inspired Insanity Ione Heels-B.A.I.T. Footwear Belt- Pinup Girl Clothing Hair roses- Kmart Tuesday Skirt- Red Stripe Clothing  Vamp Top- Pinup Girl Clothing Ida Heels- B.A.I.T. Footwear Necklace- Lovisa Wednesday Jayne Dress- Pinup Girl Clothing Thursday Birdie Dress- Pinup Girl Clothing Shoes- Target My prize from Miss Lixxie Lou’s giveaway- Flamboyant Flamingo Brooch- Erstwilder Friday Susie Meow Dress and Audrey Cape- Voodoo Vixen […]

An outfit a day keeps the blues away 3/3- 8/3

Tuesday Pinup Girl Clothing Vamp Dress- Red Stripe Clothing Ida Heels- B.A.I.T Footwear Wednesday Haunted Housewife Dress- Pinup Girl Clothing Necklace- Ebay Thursday Cherry Border Jenny Skirt and Belt- Pinup Girl Clothing Criss Cross top- Rockabella Rockerfellats Ida Heels- B.A.I.T Footwear Hell Bunny petticoat- Inspired Insanity Jewellery- Ebay Friday Turquoise Harlequin Jenny Skirt- Pinup Girl Clothing Ida Heels- B.A.I.T Footwear Sweater- Kmart Sunday Orange Border […]