Pinup on a budget

Shopping for retro clothes can be quite overwhelming when you’re faced with the price tag and often it can leave you feel quite deflating knowing that pretty new dress might just be out of reach due to all the crazy expenses life throws our way.
I know this feeling all too well, I also know that it is important not to forget ourselves. A treat of a new handbag, pair of shoes or a new dress always puts a spring in my step which is why I have put together a list of Aussie pinup/rockabilly clothing websites that allow payment plans.
The ability to break up large orders into more affordable payments has made it possible for me to build up my wardrobe and I’d love to share with other girls who might be in the same position as me. Most of the time I have found out that stores do offer lay-buy simple by just asking. If you’re not sure just ask, most stores are really quite accommodating.

So here is the list with links attached of some Australian stockists of vintage clothing, footwear, sleepwear and accessories.
Most of the stores listed allow payment plans, if you’re not sure just double check :)
I hope this helps more women feel like they can be a part of the pinup/rockabilly community too!

Happy shopping!

Rockabella Rockerlella

Allows lay-buy on minimum $100 orders

Stocking big brands like Pinup Girl Clothing as well locally made Jack’s Daughter along with cosmetics such as Bésame and lots of fund accessories.

Natasha Marie Clothing

Allows lay-buy

Stocking everything retro, kitsch and alternative including brands such as Hell Bunny, Sourpuss, Lindy Bop and Pinup Girl Clothing.

You won’t find and PUG items in their webstore but you will find photos on their Facebook page. So if in doubt about what’s in stock just ask, Natasha will also specially order items direct from Pinuip Girl Clothing granted the items are in stock.
(She has done this for me before, a real life saver)

Ms Katt’s Kustom House

Allows lay-buy

A great range of dresses, tops, bottoms and accessroies, stocks brands like Pinup Girl Clothing, Tatyana and Esther Williams

Miskonduct Klothing

Allows lay-buy

Stocks brands such as PUG, Bernie Dexter, Lindy Bop and What Katie Did

Tragic Beautiful

Allows lay-buy

 Stocks a variety of pinup, goth and alternative range, including Hell Bunny, Hearts and Roses, Lady Vintage, Sourpuss, T.U.K Footwear, Pleaser and Bordello

Sweet As Candy Vintage

Allows lay-buy

Stocks Bernie Dexter, L.I.M.B, Tatyana, accessories as well as genuine vintage clothing.

Von Merc Alternative Clothing

Allows lay-buy

Stocks Hell Bunny, Voodoo Vixen, Lady Vintage, Sourpuss

Fluro Sugar Vintage Australia

Allows lay-buy

 stocks Lindy Bop, Sourpuss and accessories

Red Stripe Clothing

Allows lay-buy

Stocks Pinup Girl Clothing, Steady, T.U.K Footwear and accessories

Wild Kitty Clothing

Stocks Lindy Bop, Collectif, Pinup Girl Clothing, Soupuss, Bernie Dexter and more!

Catfight Collections

Stocks Hell Bunny, Pinup Girl Clothing, Hearts and Roses and lots of fun accessories

Trash Monkey

Allows lay-buy

Stocks Pinup Girl Clothing, Bernie Dexter and more

Betty Le Bonbon

Allows lay-buy

Specialising in custom made skirts and tops

Your One Stop Pinup Shop

Allows lay-buy

Stocks Pinup Girl Clothing, Hell Bunny, lots of  accessories and a great range of hair flowers

Inspired Insanity

Allows lay-buy

Stocks Hell Bunny, Steady Clothing, Esther Williams and lots of fun accessories

Powderpuff Boutique

Allows lay-buy

Powederpuff Boutique are their own amazing brand and make some really gorgeous dresses, skirts, tops and playsuits , all made in right here in Australia. Custom sizing is also available.


Allows lay-buy

The Australian stockist of Vivien of Holloway, located in Melbourne.

Happy shopping

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