A chat with Vivien of Holloway

Earlier this year, Christine’s (the Australian retailer of iconic brand Vivien Of Holloway) hosted a ‘Meet The Maker’ event for a few special guests. I’ve chatted about the event here, so if you’d like to see more about how the day went, pop on over. Once we fare-welled all our wonderful guests, I had a chance […]

Jill Kerswill Photography

A few weeks back I entered a competition on Instagram to win an exclusive photoshoot with Brisbane based photographer, Jill Kerswill Photography. Jill was coming to town (Melbourne) and was offering an exclusive shoot for one lucky winner! I’m not very lucky but I entered anyway because why the heck wouldn’t I?! After scrolling through her gorgeous […]

VOH Meet & Greet at Christine’s

A brand I have pretty much become obsessed with lately is Vivien of Holloway, I find myself wanting to try more 40’s styles so VOH is becoming my go to. Being an Aussie doll I have access to all the VOH pretties at the sister store Christine’s which is right here in Melbourne! Over the weekend we had […]

Miss Ballarat Beat 2015 As part of my journey into the pinup world I decided to enter my very first pinup pageant this February 2015. The Ballarat Beat festival is an annual event that hosts the Miss Ballarat Beat pageant which is held in the beautiful historic gold rush town, Ballarat. I will be documenting my journey […]