Custom dyeing faux suede shoes

For the passed few weeks I’d been on the hunt for the perfect pair of vintage inspired heels, the pairs that I have liked have either been out of my budget or discontinued. Over the holiday break I found a pair of Chelsea Crew shoes in a Facebook group that were ALMOST perfect. I say almost […]

Wear a gathered skirt that’s too big.

I think it’s safe to say we all understand the sheer frustration that comes with eyeing off that gorgeous skirt waiting till you have the money for it, only to have that day roll around and your size is sold out! This happened to me with the Mary Blair Jenny Skirt in pink Lips and Roses […]

Pops of colour with Rago shapewear

For the past several months my go to pieces for shapewear have been Rago. This brand works wonders in the shapewear world and were worn on the set of Mad Men to help achieve those killer curves and streamline silhouettes. When I ordered my first piece I was so disappointed that the only colour options […]

Don’t despair, repair!

Being a member of online pinup communities and Pinup Girl Clothing forums, I see a lot of really gorgeous pieces being listed for sale due to the item being too big. While this can be great news for someone looking to add to their collection it can often be really disappointing for the person having […]