A chat with Vivien of Holloway

Earlier this year, Christine’s (the Australian retailer of iconic brand Vivien Of Holloway) hosted a ‘Meet The Maker’ event for a few special guests. I’ve chatted about the event here, so if you’d like to see more about how the day went, pop on over. Once we fare-welled all our wonderful guests, I had a chance […]

Tiki Time in Vivien of Holloway

Something I had decided for myself this past Summer was to step out of my clothing comfort zone and get myself a pair of shorts. Australian Summers can be pretty brutal and although skirts and dresses are pretty great for warm weather, sometimes you just feel like wearing shorts, something that since gaining weight, I had been […]

March Outfit Roundup

Goodness me! Is it April already? Here’s my outfits for the month of March xo Top (modified by me, tutorial here) & skirt- Pinup Girl Clothing Shoes- B.a.i.t. Footwear Dress- Lindy Bop Shoes- Target Top- made by me Skirt- Pinup Girl Clothing Shoes- B.a.i.t. Footwear Top & trousers- Pinup Girl Clothing Shoes (modified by me)- B.a.i.t. Footwear Dress- Vivien of Holloway Shoes (Modified […]

What Katie Did Glamour Seams

I’ve been wearing stockings on and off for two years. When I put my first pair on, I was hooked. I loved the glamour, the style, how they made me feel and the significant comfort of them as opposed to pantyhose. I’ve tried different styles and brands, I’ve found ones that I loved and ones […]

Jill Kerswill Photography

A few weeks back I entered a competition on Instagram to win an exclusive photoshoot with Brisbane based photographer, Jill Kerswill Photography. Jill was coming to town (Melbourne) and was offering an exclusive shoot for one lucky winner! I’m not very lucky but I entered anyway because why the heck wouldn’t I?! After scrolling through her gorgeous […]

February Outfit Roundup

Okay so I’m totally not cool with how fast February flew by. I’m excited for Autumn and gorgeous cosy Winter fashion but I am not ready for Summer to be over :( *Sigh* So here are my looks for the month that was… Top- Collectif Clothing Trousers– Boohoo.com Top- Kmart Trousers & Shoes– Boohoo.com Dress- Central Lane Top- […]