Lola Von Rose Precious Purses

Before entering the wonderful world of pinup I never fancied myself as a “bag girl”, there wasn’t much of a focus on matching bags to outfits so I was all about shoes! Fast forward a couple years and my oh my, how things do change!

You see, pinup/vintage fashion for me is all about being bold and making a statement about who you are.
Obviously fashion is a great way to do this, so while finding the perfect outfit used to stop at clothes and shoes, as a pinup it now continues onto the perfect accessories and purse too!
For me, the perfect vintage purse isn’t vintage at all!
If you’re an unlucky ducky like me, you either always miss out on vintage lucite purses or find that they are just out of your budget. Finding a brand that could bring your vintage lucite dreams to life would be a wonderful alternative, wouldn’t it?
A scroll through on Instagram provided just that in the form of Lola Von Rose.
A relatively new company, Lola Von Rose is baseD in America and launched their gorgeous range of  vintage inspired purses in July last year.


The purses feature a large handle in that curved iconic vintage purse style that is attached to the base with sturdy hinges. Depending on what colour you choose, the purse locks with either a silver or a glamorous gold buckle closure.
As for colours, I assure you, you won’t be short on options!
The Lola Von Rose purses are available in a gorgeous high gloss opaque acrylic in 6 colours!
Black, red, white, pink, lilac, and launching in April, seafoam green.

I had the pleasure of being able to choose my favourites to take home, and while I am a pink girl at heart, but I seem to have more purple in my wardrobe so I chose the lilac along with classic red and elegant white.

The opaque colour is something that appeals to me much more than true vintage lucite which tends to be clear. The contents of my purse are very much at odds with the glamour of pinup so the Lola Von Rose purse is perfect since I really don’t want the contents to be on display to the world. And while they may look small for a modern day woman who needs a bag big enough to fit all her secrets in, I had no problem fitting all the bits and pieces I need to survive the day.

Something else I love about these classic styled purses is their versatility.
These purses can be styled to suit you, what ever style you may call your own. Whether you’re a rockabilly chick, pinup doll or elegant dame, Lola Von Rose purses can be styled for a casual feel or more formal affair and still be the perfect eye catching accessory to complete your look.

The range of vintage inspired purses retails $64USD and offers worldwide shipping!
Shipping prices start at $12 for US dolls, $23 for Canada and $25 for the rest of the world.

With such an affordable and accessible way to add a bit of silver screen glamour to my outfits, I think it is safe to say I am well and truly a “bag girl” now and for ever!

Thank you so much JRM Photography for the amazing summery shots! 

Miss Dottie DeMure

A note to my dear readers.
These purses were gifted to me so that I may share my views of the product and the brand. I do not accept any item from brands I do not admire and products I personally wouldn’t use or wear. This is important to me as I believe it is in keeping with my integrity as a person and my love of sharing my pinup lifestyle with others.

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