What Katie Did Glamour Seams

I’ve been wearing stockings on and off for two years. When I put my first pair on, I was hooked. I loved the glamour, the style, how they made me feel and the significant comfort of them as opposed to pantyhose. I’ve tried different styles and brands, I’ve found ones that I loved and ones that didn’t quite meet the mark.

The main things I was looking for in stockings were:
– Colour, I preferred pale nude. I am quite pale so some nude stockings make my legs look oddly tanned compared to my upper body
-Seams. They must have seams to add to the vintage feel. They must be black and have black welts.
-Comfort. This is important. My thighs are 24.5″ so I need something that will fit them comfortably.

Not too much to ask for, right?
Despite my preference for classic black welts, I fell in love immediately with the new colourful range of Glamour Seam stockings from What Katie Did. However with my previous disappointing sizing experience with their stockings (the welt was very tight fitting which created unsightly thigh muffin top…yeah that’s a thing, who’da thought! which eventually met their demise when I tried to adjust them into a more comfortable position and jabbed my nail through them) I thought that I’d have to miss out on all the fun.
But then one day while scrolling around on Instagram I saw on their page that the welts are newly improved to accommodate fuller thighs. *hooray!* So I  jumped online straight away and ordered two pairs in size M/L from Australian stockist, The Nylon Swish, in the green and blue and will be grabbing the claret too!


Immediately after opening the stockings I could tell that these were a huge improvement from the last pair I’d purchased with the smaller welt. The new welts are much thicker, they feel like a cosy pair of stretchy tights and the 15 denier stockings themselves feel much more durable. This word here, durable is also very important to me because with my claws I am the mortal enemy of the stocking. I’m serious. I get 2, maybe 3 wears out of them before I punch a hole in them with my nails. Although I have learned to be much more careful now when putting my stockings on, the most common cause of me punching holes in my stockings was when I was adjusting halfway through the day because they would dig into my thighs. So it’s safe to say I feel much more confident now that these gorgeous Glamour Seams will withstand the torture I put them through.

068A1165-1 copy

So we know the quality has greatly improved (not that it was ever lacking before but I feel that even the large size just couldn’t meet the requirements of a fuller thigh), how do they fit?! As I mentioned above, my thighs measure 24.5″ at the fullest which is where I like my stockings to sit. I cannot stand it when stockings pull down because the welt is too narrow or the thigh opening too small, who wants thigh muffin top, really? And I also feel they look quite strange sitting midway up the thigh. Thankfully neither of these things are a problem with the updated Glamour Seams. The wider welt means they sit nice and high on my thigh without digging in or sliding down. Since I do have an office job and am sitting down most of the day, I did notice that they shift a little on my inner thighs but not uncomfortably to the point where I need to readjust constantly.

I like that WKD seamed stockings feature matching coloured welts, seams, toes and point heels, (which are my favourite heel style) with nude legs. Something I’m very pleased about because pinup is for everyone, is the range of shades that are currently available to cater to different skin tones. To add to the excitement of seeing a company be more inclusive, along with the reveal of the new purple, powder blue and soft pink glamour seams from the upcoming Spring/Summer collection, Katie also announced the glamour seams will be made in more skin tone colour ways. YAY!
Currently, the brightly coloured glamour seams are only available in the champagne leg, but the classic glamour seams are also available in coffee, grey tone, and latte.
At the moment they are only available in sizes S/M and M/L which caters to a body weight of 110-145lbs and 120-175lbs. Something I would love to see, even though the new welts fit curvy thighs is to perhaps broaden the size chart a little more to include Queen size for all the curvy Queens out there. This along with a more diverse range of skin tones in the bright coloured Glamour Seam range would be absolutely fantastic and would ensure no one misses out on adding a little glamour to their wardrobe.

The wider welts are now a standard feature in the entire range of WKD Glamour Seamed stockings and retail for $14.50AUD, making them much more affordable than some other brands I have tried. Although What Katie Did is a UK based company, shipping is very reasonable for us Aussie gals, starting at just $9.50AUD.

Lingerie details
Custom dyed Green set from Ebay.
(Click here to see how I custom dyed this gorgeous emarld green bran and girdle set)
Black set from Target Aus
WKD Stockings from The Nylon Swish

Thank you so much to Jill Kerswill Photography for these amazing shots which still make me feel like such a babe every time I see them!

Miss Dottie DeMure

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