Jill Kerswill Photography

A few weeks back I entered a competition on Instagram to win an exclusive photoshoot with Brisbane based photographer, Jill Kerswill Photography. Jill was coming to town (Melbourne) and was offering an exclusive shoot for one lucky winner!
I’m not very lucky but I entered anyway because why the heck wouldn’t I?! After scrolling through her gorgeous work on Instagram and the amazingly fierce women she has worked with; I was already getting ideas for a shoot in the unlikely event that I was chosen.
Jill’s mission is to celebrate and empower women which is something I fully support even if at times I don’t feel so confident or empowered or strong. My self doubt does sometimes get the best of me and I felt like I shouldn’t have even entered. But to my surprise, I was chosen and then my self doubt became excitement and then the nerves kicked in.

So let me tell you about my day!

My shoot time was scheduled for 8am and I was to arrive at our amazing location with hair and makeup ready, this meant a 5:30am start for me. BLEH!! Totally not a morning person but since this was an amazing opportunity, I dragged my hiney out of bed quick smart.
Since I had packed and set my hair the night before, all I had to do was brush it out, put my face on and head off to the shoot.


For me, something I’ve come to accept is I always get nervous/anxious (think blotchy red nervous rash all over my chest…the kinda thing that ruins these sorts of shoots) before a shoot and even more so for boudoir style shoots which is what I had challenged myself with.
The fact is, as much as I love my body, I still very much get self conscious about it, about how it looks, my weight, about what others will think of me. Stupid I know, but it happens.
But for this shoot to show me through Jill’s creative lense that my size does not mean I’m not sexy or bold or empowered is something that I was so surprised to take away with me.


Before we even got started we had a quick chat about our aim for the shoot which was super professional and helped me feel much more comfortable and helped my confidence come back. Once we figured out we were already on the same page with what we wanted, classic elegance rather than sultry vixen, we were ready to shoot!

The shoot was so much fun with lots of giggles and a bit of clowning around from me in between shots or while Jill was actually working to set everything just right, that it seemed like my 2 hour session just flew by. We shot a few different looks in different, meticulously set lighting and got some really amazing shots that I can’t wait to share with you more.
Jill is simply amazing to work with and what she creates is nothing short of art!


If you are a Brisbane local or find yourself in Brisbane, I highly recommend getting in contact with Jill who specialises in creative editorial pinup photography but also creates gorgeous family portraits to capture your special moments as well as live dance and business/product photography.

I’m so grateful to have been given the opportunity to work with such a talented photographer and wonderful person. Through this experience I’ve really come to realise that we each find our own sense of empowerment through different ways and in different forms, and for me it was through putting myself out there and working with an amazingly talented photographer to take photos in my underwear! Who’da thought!

To get in touch and book your own unique photography experience, you can contact Jill via Facebook

Miss Dottie DeMure

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