Face of Daisy Jean January shoot

Last Saturday was my first Face of Daisy Jean shoot. With all the excitement of such a fast paced day I didn’t really get to process the experience, so I’m taking a little time to reflect on it now.

My day stated at 5am, anyone who knows me, will know that I am not a morning person and should not be approached in the 3 hours it takes me to fully become human again. LOL, but there was just too much excitement ahead to give in to my sloth side
With my bag packed, face bare, it was off to the airport for my 6:20am flight from Melbourne to Sydney which then turned into a 7:20am flight.
So with some time to kill I had a wander around the airport while I attempted to get out of my morning fog. After a few laps and some funny looks from passersby (which I’ll forgive considering I had a full set of rollers in and my “Beat If Creep” top), I decided it was now time for breakfast.

Finally it was time to board.
The flight from Melbourne to Sydney is only about an hour so there really isn’t much to share except the cute bub across the isle from me and the fact that I figured out wearing sponge rollers on a plane makes for a good makeshift pillow.

Once I touched down it was off to find Missi, owner of Daisy Jean and Miss Cherrybomb, my fellow Face of DJ.
From there it was off to The Makeup Wardrobe in Newtown for hair and makeup.
Emma worked her magic on Cherry and myself, creating the most amazing poodle do I have ever seen! To act as a contrast to Cherry’s 40’s glam, I was given some fluffy 50’s curls which as it turns out, is one of my favourite styles to wear.

After a quick look around The Makeup Wardrobe, which not only offers hair styling and makeup services, but also stocks makeup brands like L.A Girl and housebrand Glampire and a quick selfie in front of the amazing flamingo wall we were off to our shoot location.

Once there Missi was straight into Boss Babe mode to keep us pinups focused! I mean, we were warned that there may be ducks and/or ducklings roaming about (we were not disappointed, they were soooo cute!!) so we were even more excited about the gorgeous location.

The shoot itself ran seamlessly, Missi made me feel so comfortable (I actually get super anxious during photoshoots), and Miss Cherrybomb was a riot!
In between clowning around we did managed to get the job  done and snap some great shots.


Cherry and I wearing my favourites, The Demure Dahlias in Light and Dark

Unfortunately the time crept up on us and I had to leave early to catch my flight so I was unable to model the jewellery pieces. Luckily Cherry was on the job and looked absolutely amazing.


Cherry wearing the Mary’s Mod Resin Earrings

On the plane again on my way home, I couldn’t wipe the smile off my face after such a fun day, and couldn’t help but feel a little sad at leaving so soon after meeting these two amazing, supportive women. But I can’t be sad for too long as I shall be seeing them again with another shoot schedule for March, yay!

Until then….

Miss Dottie DeMure


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