LipSense longwear lipstick

A few weeks back while at the Ballarat Beat Rockabilly Festival with Heels For Combat Boots, fellow HFCB model Cherry Von Sass of Pout Perfection Makeup & Skin Care, had the good sense to bring along her sample kit of LipSense goodies.

After already converting another member of our team I was next on the list. I guess after watching me struggle all weekend with lipstick bleeds, smudges and smears, I pushed Cherry’s patience far enough that I was given a trial pack with a promise that I’d never look back. The first thing I asked of course was, “is it cruelty free?”.
This is something that is important to me and it’s how I choose which cosmetics I want to use.
It absolutely is and contains no animal by-products, so with that in mind I gladly accepted the challenge.
I have been using the product for quite some time now and have never been happier to say “you were right”.


I’m always searching for new products and am always looking for that perfect long wear cruelty free lipstick. It seems like with each new one I try, I get closer to finding the perfect lipstick. This could very well be that one!

LipSense is a complete lip care system and is available in over 70 shades which means you are bound to find one…or five that you love!
I have been using Blu-Red since I love my red lips but I have my sights set on a bunch of other gorgeous colours that I’m excited to try.

The three step formula is unlike any other on the market.
You start with the Ooops! Remover, which is a clear cleanser and exfoliator that removes any wax or oil build up that may still be on your lips from using other products rich in these ingredients. Next is your colour, using the tip of the applicator to line your lips before filling in with 3 thin layers, allowing the product to dry in between layers for best results. Follow up with the top coat of your choice which is what you apply throughout the day to maintain the longevity of your colour. I was given the moisturising gloss but since I prefer the look of matte lips I will be adding the matte top coat to my lipstick stash.

Whenever I try out a new lipstick that claims to be long lasting and smear proof I always put it to the test focusing on three things.
-Is it food proof?
-Coffee safe?
-Kiss friendly?
-How often will I need to re-apply?12957597_10154136614578466_8080039697972981404_o.jpg

I’m ridiculously hopeless when it comes to wearing lipstick and food. I always end up with lipstick EVERYWHERE! I’ve also been fooled by the “long wear” tag before so I’ll admit I had my doubts.
The first few wears I found I had to do quite a few touch ups during the day, mostly around the corners and inside of my mouth. But with frequent wear, remembering to apply the gloss coat throughout the day and using of the Ooops! Remover cleanser I found this happened less and less as my lips became more healthy and wax build up free.

So for a lipstick to survive my daily routine with no smears, bleeds, fading or stains is pretty impressive.

The only thing that initially bothered me was the sticky feeling of the gloss. As I began wearing it more I realised it was just me not being used to the feel of lip glosses after wearing drying matte lipsticks for so long. So if you’re like me and don’t normally wear glosses, don’t despair. After a few wears and realising just how moisturising that glass actually is, you’ll realising that gloss has become your new best friend.

Now after a full day’s wear, that usually includes a morning coffee, lunch, dinner and sneaky kisses from the mister, my lipstick looks fresh and like it was newly applied with just the tiniest amount of colour loss on the inside of my lips. This lippy definitely ticked all the boxes and would be the only product I would recommend to anyone look for the all important kiss proof lippy for their wedding day!

To remove your lippy you will need to use the Ooops! Remover and scrub off with a cotton tip. My favourite thing about this cleanser is when you apply and scrub it actually exfoliates your lips leaving them soft and smooth.

LipSense from Pout Perfection retails for:
Ooops! Remover- $14AUD
LipSense Colour- $34AUD
Gloss- $26AUD

Starter kits are currently on sale for $66AUD.

If you join the Pout Perfection Makeup & Skincare Facebook group you’ll be able to keep up to date with new colours and secret sales!

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