Simple half moon manicure

What started as a simple way for women to conserve their cosmetics as long as possible during the 1940’s; where everything was in very short supply, has now become a booming trend again both in the pinup world and mainstream fashion.

Thanks to glambassadors like Dita Von Teese, half moon manicures are a must, but they’re really not as difficult as you might think.

This look is a great way to bring some old glamour to your every day life but to also freshen up your nails, if like me, you’re a little lazy when it comes to maintaining your acrylic manicure set.

Here’s a before shot of my nails before removing the polish, as you can see they have grown out a little and are starting to look a little tired.

So here’s what you’ll need:
-Nail polish (I’m using Colour by TBN which is cruelty free)
-French manicure stickers
-Nail polish remover
-Nail brush
-Clear top coat

To begin, place you manicure stickers on the top of your nails to create the desired half moon size. Try to keep them as evenly sized as possible, though it’s ok if they’re not perfect, we can clean that up later.

Paint you nails as you normally would, starting from below the sticker to the ends of your nails.

Before the nail polish is completely dry, carefully remove the stickers using your tweezers.

Dab (don’t soak) your brush in some nail polish remover removing the excess by then dabbing the brush on some paper towel. You can now use this to clean up any lines that may be a little wonky or any areas where you may have gotten polish on your skin.

Once you’ve cleaned up those half moons and have gotten your manicure to your liking, seal in your hard work with a fast drying top coat, and you are done.

See, easy.
Thanks to the cleverly placed half moons the fact that my nails have grown out a little is barely noticeable, which was the intention behind this style way back in the 1940’s.

Now you can try different colours. Red is definitely a favourite of mine for a more authentic vintage feel but I’ve also done a black mani when I was zombiefyed.

Miss Dottie

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