B.a.i.t. Footwear sizing

I get a lot of gals ask me about sizing for B.a.i.t. Footwear shoes.
Each country has difference shoes sizes so ordering online from international brands can be a little scary.
So many avoid online shoe shopping because ordering the wrong size can often be an expensive error.

I hope this will help make sizing a little less scary and make your shoe collection a little more fabulous!

My very first order was last year during the Black Friday sales.
I ordered through Tatyana Boutique and had great success with the help of the size chart provided.

I wear an Australian size 7-7.5 depending on the shoe style which is a European size 38-39, knowing my EU size was what really helped.
Prior to ordering I had done some asking around online and found that certain styles were a tighter fit (Ida, Ione, Irella) so sizing up half a size for comfort is recommended for girls who have a wider foot.
So that’s what I did and couldn’t have been happier when my new shoes arrive.

My order was for the Ida heel in black and the Bloom heel in pink.
The Ida heel was ordered in a size 8.5 since it is known to be a narrow fit, and the Bloom in an 8.
Sizing up for the Ida was the right choice.

I have made some mistakes with sizing that have been a good learning experience and has helped me determine my size for the various styles.
I purchased the Ida in a size 8 after finding a rare colour way and not wanting to miss out. Even with them being stretched and worn in they can begin to hurt after a while.
Lesson learned, ALWAYS size up for narrow fit shoes, no exception.
Another blunder I made was with the Betty Heel, which was the first wide fit heel I ordered after the Bloom heel. Again it was a similar situation, the size 8 were sold out so I ordered an 8.5 for fear of missing out completely. I figure if I can wear an 8.5 in the Ida maybe this will fit too. Imagine my disappointment when I realised they were just too big! Nothing was going to make them fit so I had to admit defeat and let them go.
I think I needed these experiences to really work out my sizing, my foot must be on the wider size which makes sizing up the half size in narrow styles necessary for me. I’ve also learned NOT TO WAIT! I have a habit of lurking and waiting and then scrambling when it’s too late.

Thanks to some trial and error it’s pretty clear that I am an 8.5 in the narrow fit styles like these gorgeous Ida heels and an 8 in wider styles like these fun Penelope heels.


So now I know what my size is for the various heel styles I have much more confidence in ordering.
Next on my wishlist is to add some wedges to my collection.

I hope this has helped work out sizing, it can be a little confusing.
Feel free to ask me any questions you like, I’d be glad to help in any way I can.
This has been my experience with sizing which may not be the same as others.
Please consult the size chart, use the fit advice provided on the Bait website and contact customer service if you have any queries.
Happy shopping!

Miss Dottie

9 thoughts on “B.a.i.t. Footwear sizing

  1. I didn’t have the cash to purchase any BAIT during this year’s sales, but I’m hoping to rectify that next year. Thanks for this post – I think I’d be a 9 in the wide shoes and a 10 in the narrow ones. Here’s hoping I find the ones I want in the right size sometime in the new year!



  2. I think BAIT’s sizing is so funny – every girl has a different experience! I think it’s all trial and error. I am typically a 9 but can sometimes be an 8.5 in flats. 8.5 in Ida is too small while a 9 is JUST too big! I have decided to just stick with my 9 in Idas and use little heel inserts to keep my heel from slipping out. That has been the best solution for my feet! I also had Ions (the T strap style) and a 9 is perfect in them. So funny!


    • Would you say that the Ions run small or literally perfect? They are out of my size (US 7), and I’m trying to decide whether to order a size 7.5 or 6.5.


      • The Ione, Ida and Irella styles are known to be quite a narrow fit and is advised that if you have a wider foot, to size up half a size. If you have a narrow foot you most likely won’t need to size up at all.
        For me personally, I never put much thought into whether I had wide feet but these shoes changed that lol
        The majority of my Ida heels are an 8.5. I have 2 pairs that are 8 and by the end of the day I can’t wait to take them off. So it’s really up to you what size you choose, if you size down you may need to try to stretch the shoes out a little so they’re more comfy, if you size up and they are a bit loose, you me need to put a little heel pad in for a better fit.
        Sorry, I know that’s not very helpful.


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