Australis Contour Kit Powder vs Cream

So as anyone with a social media account will have noticed by now, the latest make up trend is all about contouring!
It’s a really simple way to change the shape of your face through the use of make up.
BUT with so many different techniques, products and methods to do this it can seem a little intimidating, hence why it took me so long to jump on the band wagon.

I finally decided I would give it a go and see what it could do for my round face shape.
So the first thing to decide is what products to use.
Some dolls use liquid foundation and concealer and some prefer powders. Since I was new to the world of contouring I thought it would make sense to try both and see which I prefer.
I have tried a few products over the last few weeks and found that I prefer some products more than others.

Some products I have been using pretty regularly and want to share today are the AC On Tour kits by Australis.
This kit comes in a powder and a cream option with the powder kit available in three skin tones- light, medium and dark.
Both kits are 100% cruelty free, vegan friendly and made using sustainable palm oil so you can debut your fierce new look with a happy conscience.

I purchased both kits from Priceline but get in quick because it sells like hot cakes!

So let’s talk first about the AC On Tour Powder Kit.


If you’re new to contouring, looking at the compact is a serious WTF moment because it has 6 powders.
You’ll probably thinking what the heck am I supposed to do with all these colours!
The kit has 3 highlighters and 3 contours all in various shades which gives you a better chance of finding your colour match or blending a couple to make a custom look.
But don’t worry, there are some easy to follow steps on the back.
I love that the AC On Tour kit now comes in three skin tones as opposed to when it was initially released; in just one which meant lots of girls missed out.
The initial release also came without a mirror which made zero sense but now the new packaging change over will include one, yay!
I’m pretty fair so I went with the “Light Complexion”.

At first glance if you’re a fair gal like me you’ll be thinking these contour colours are way too dark!
I know I did, but I was determined to give it a go anyway. My first application may have included a minor panic attack but with practice I’ve gotten the hang of it.

For me I was initially using the first contour shade but found that no matter how lightly I applied it, it still looked muddy.
Good thing there are two more shades to try, right? I have since found that the last one works best for me as my base. I then use the other 2 for more definition along with a combination of all three highlighters, depending on the look I am going for.

The powder itself is highly pigmented, not at all chalky and silky smooth on my skin.
It blends quite well which is exactly what you want in a good contour product, the last thing you want is to look like you forgot to blend.
For best results, get yourself a set of contour brushes so you can get the most out of the product.

The highlighting powders really work wonders in giving my skin a gorgeous vibrant glow, and if you apply your contouring right, you really can add some amazing definition to your face to bring out your cheekbones.

The AC On Tour powder kit retails for $16.95AUD so it’s really very affordable.

 Next up is the AC on Tour Cream Contour Kit
Much like how the original AC On Tour kit started, the cream kit only comes in one standard skin tone (fair), hopefully more will be released later on.
The colours in this kit are pretty similar to the powder so if the Light Complexion kit suited your skin tone you should be ok with the cream version.
However straight off the bat I did notice that the highlighting colours weren’t as vibrant as I would have liked, but this can be amplified by using a pale concealer underneath the areas you want to highlight.
To get the best results with this kit you’re going to need new brushes that work best with cream contouring.
I use Model Prefer brushes for the following:
Highlight- Airbrush Foundation Brush
Contour- Airbrush Angled Contour Brush
Blending- Professional Stipling Brush

Something I noticed with the creams is that they seem kind of sticky on my brush which I didn’t like.
They apply really smoothly and blend effortlessly which makes getting the hang of contouring a breeze but the stickiness meant on my skin type, which is an oily/dry combination the product feels instantly greasy. Applying a translucent powder and finishing spray over the top may help.
If you are new to contouring start lightly and build your colour up as this kit too is pretty highly pigmented and if you go too dark straight away, you’ll have to wipe it all off and start again.

The AC On Tour Cream Contour Kit retails at $24.95AUD again putting it at a more affordable price range than other kits on the market.

So how did they compare?
Between the cream and the powder I definitely prefer the powder and am on my second kit!
If you have oily skin it’s best to limit the amount of cream foundations you use as you will get shiny throughout the day. So skipping your foundation base and applying just the cream contour products might be a better solution.
I also prefer the powder kit because the highlight colours create a more vibrant effect than the creams do.
I would love to see an updated cream kit with even lighter highlighters to really create that summer glow. If I had my way I’d love to see a white shimmer cream or powder to apply over the top of the highlighted areas.
Another thing I’m crossing my fingers for would be for the company to take note of other leading brands that offer similar kits and make the palettes customisable.
I think offering the colours for sale separately would be a huge improvement, allowing you to tailor make a kit that will suit your skin perfectly. Having the option of not having to buy a whole new kit just to replace one colour disc would be so much easier, I find I always run out of my highlighters before my contour colours!

So there you have it, these are my preferences, leave a comment and let me know yours!
Did you love both, one and not the other, neither?

Miss Dottie

4 thoughts on “Australis Contour Kit Powder vs Cream

  1. I’ve seen these kits at my local Priceline for the last few months, and you’re right that they seem to sell really quickly, so they must be popular! But I just can’t wrap my head around bothering to contour, for some reason. Eyeliner, sure. Mascara, of course. Lipstick, definitely. Contouring? Nah. Maybe if they have the powder kit on sale sometime I’ll give it a go, after reading your review, but I’m pretty happy going without for the moment :-)


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