NYX Matte Blotting Paper

Something that always excites me is discovering “new” cruelty free brands.
Now I know NYX Cosmetics is definitely not new but it is news to me! I’ve seen it around and know my sister uses some products from the line but I didn’t know it was cruelty free so I just avoided it.
But after doing some research I discovered they are cruelty free and are actually really affordable.
I couldn’t wait to start trying some new products and placed an order through Target Aus online.

In my first order I included the Matte Blotting paper.
My skin is annoyingly oily, and while face cleansers help when I am bare faced, after a full day in makeup my face becomes really shiny, which I do not want!
I have tried a blotting paper from another brand but me being me, I forgot where I put it. It’s probably in some long since forgotten handbag…

Made from 100% pure pulp paper to absorb excess oil that can clog pores without removing your makeup, they are perfect to get rid of that later afternoon shine.
There are 4 different Blotting paper packs to choose from.  Matte, Fresh Face, Green tea and Tea Tree. I went with the Matte just as something basic to get rid of that unwanted shine. They all are designed to eliminate shine and now I think on it, I should have gotten the green tea for a bit of added nourishment for my skin. Oh well, there’s always next time.
Each pack comes with 50 sheets and come in a slim pack which means they won’t take up any space in your handbag and fit perfectly into even the tiniest clutch purse for a night out.

They are so quick and easy to use you can quickly blot away that excess oil when ever you need to. Simply take out a fresh sheet and blot any shiny areas on your face.
I put the Matte Blotting Paper to the test after a full day (10 hours) wearing make up.
As you can see I get pretty shiny and the excess oils from my skin actually causes my makeup to rub off around my nose…uh hate when that happens!

Here’s the paper, it’s super thin but really absorbent.

Before using the Blotting Paper.
You can see (not very well thanks to the bright lights) that my forehead and nose (T-zone) are my problem high shine areas.

So these are the areas I focus on.
I had to include this photo so you can see just how absorbent these ultra thin sheets are.


And here’s the results, no more shine, my makeup looks fresh without having to reapply!


As you can see, there is a huge difference.
My face is virtually shine free!
The great thing about using the paper is it won’t remove your makeup in the process which is super handy.
So for any girls prone to shiny oily skin who are at their wits ends, give them a go.
I have tried so many different  primers and foundations all promising a matte finish and honestly they just don’t work, this really is the only solution.

Now I just need to do something about that frizzy hair….

The range of blotting papers can be purchased from NYX Cosmetics for just $4USD a pack.
Or for us Aussie gals you can get the Matte or Fresh Face from Target for $6.95AUD.

Do you have any tips to help combat face shine?
Leave a comment below.

Miss Dottie DeMure

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