Got a bone to pick with Jenny?

A style I love for summer is the Jenny dress by Pinup Girl Clothing, it was actually in one of my first PUG orders so I was so very excited to get it.

I have to admit it  was a little disappointing when I actually got to try it on to see that it just did not look right on me at all. Having a smaller bust and a short torso meant the boning was going to be an issue. The bodice is very structured due to the boning so if you have a smaller bust it’s going to be a little roomy. The boning also goes down the length of the waist which I knew end up kinking when I sat down.


So that left me with two options, send it back or attempt to remove the boning.
I went with the second option and I am so glad I did.
I know I’m not the only one who has this problem with the boning in the Jenny dresses and the Jayne for that matter, so here’s a super quite, super easy how to, to remove the boning.

To remove the boning you will need 3 things:
-A stitch pick
-Sewing needle

Removing the boning seems scary but it’s really simple.
Taking your stitch pick, make a little slit at the bottom of the seam on the inside lining of the dress.
Carefully lift the inside boning track out of the slit you have made and then use your stitch pick again to make an opening.
Now all you have to do is gently pull the boning out and stitch the satin lining up.


I have done this on all 4 of my Jenny dresses and my Jayne dress and have found that a couple times the boning was actually sewn into the track, so pulling out the boning may not be so easy.
If this is the case just make the opening in the lining bigger so you can either pick the stitches holding the boning to the track or to get a better hold on the boning to again, gently pull it out.
Be careful when doing this, you will cause the dress to bunch and gather, just smooth out the gathers and continue removing the boning gently.


Now I find the bodice sits much more flattering, looks softer and less bulky creating a more natural shape.  It’s also much more comfortable and won’t get bent out of shape with movement.


Miss Dottie

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