Dark Angels by LUSH

Since my skin seems to be a combination of all the things we don’t want in one weird mix (dryness, blemishes and oily skin) finding the right skin care products can be a bit of a challenge.
I have tried so many products to combat each issue, creams for the dryness, oil absorbing gels and scrubs for blemishes only to end up with my skin feeling horribly dry and dull.

As part of my cruelty free conversion I headed straight to Lush to solve all my problems. If you have never been, walking in can be pretty overwhelming. Lush stores are so packed with goodies for hair, skin, face, body, beards you name it; that it can be a little hard knowing where to start, but fear not! The Lush team are so wonderful and full of knowledge they can easily recommend something perfect you that will most likely love. I always have a look around so I can touch and smell the gorgeous creations but always have a really good chat with the staff, they know the products inside out and so far have not disappointed me in their product recommendations.

I was so pleased to share my love for the Angels On Bare Skin cleanser last month that I had to share my new little love and bring you over to the dark side…

I bring you Dark Angels


This fresh cleanser is a charcoal based cleanser which absorbs excess oils from the skin. With some key ingredients like avocado oil to soften your skin, black sugar for a more thorough scrub, rhassoul mud for deep cleansing and sandalwood and rosewood essential oils to sooth the skin it’s perfect for oily skin types. It’s important to check LUSH labels to know the shelf life of the product you’re using, because this cleanser is made with fresh ingredients it has a 3 month expiry date which I found to be a non issue anyway (I’m due for another pot!).

Unlike the Angels On Bare Skin cleanser I would suggest using the Dark Angels cleanser once a week because it is a much more intense exfoliant, you wouldn’t want damage your skin by over exfoliating.

I’ve been using Dark Angels for about 3 months now and have noticed by the end of the day I’m not as oily as I used to be (I used to be super shiny), I think if I found a good primer for my t-zone I could reduce this problem even more.

I save this cleanser for use in the shower because it is messy and my basin is white *eep*.


See, I told you, messy!

I put a blob in my palm and add some water to make a paste and rub on my face (avoid eyes) and decolletage rubbing gently in small circles.
I leave it on for about 2 minutes or so before rinsing off, I then use a mild cleanser like the Antipodes Hallelujah Lime & Patchouli Cleanser because the only down side I have noticed is that if you don’t wash your face thoroughly after use it can leave your skin looking a little grey. I follow up with my usual moisturiser and then take on my day feeling fresh faced.

Dark Angels can be found in stores, Lush have stores in over 40 countries or online and sells for $16.96 AUD for a 100g pot.

Remember LUSH products are not tested on animals, are made with  natural sustainable ingredients as well as certified palm oil.
As part of the mission to reduce landfill, you can return 5 empty black LUSH pots (which are made from 100% recyclable plastic) to a store near you to receive a fresh fresh face mask as a thank you!

Miss Dottie DeMure

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