Miss Dottie’s Must Have Looks – Junebugs and Georgia Peaches Collection

One of the first pinup labels I discovered when I decided to switch from mainstream fashion was Pinup Girl Clothing.
They do amazing things, and are true to their motto in making couture for every body.

I am lucky enough to have quick a healthy sized PUG wardrobe but finding myself wanting more and the upcoming releases of new fabulous things just doesn’t help.

Since it is heading into Winter here in Australia it can be tricky to work out and purchase new outfits for a colder climate when overseas stores are stocking summer goodies.
Thankfully the team from PUG paired up with the girls from junebugsandgeorgiapeaches to create the upcoming Junebugs and Georgia Peaches Collection that has captured my attention for not only having gorgeous pieces but also pieces that look pretty versatile for warm and cold weather.

Must have look #1 look is the Junebugs Dress in Olive, Little Jun Jacket in Pale Rose Pink and B.a.i.t. Footwear Ione heels.


I love the pink and olive combination, I never would have thought to pair these colours together but luckily someone did!
The collar on the dress is adorable and could add interest to your outfit if you chose to wear with a cardigan underneath the collar.

The belt is perfect for adding detail as well as cinching in your waist a little.

This style of dress is clearly calling for warmer days but can easily become Winter friendly with black stockings underneath and the adorable Little Jun Jacket over the top.
Pair with a cute pair of pink heels like the B.a.i.t. Footwear Ione heels and you have complete outfit perfect for a coffee date with the girls or even for a fun way to add a little colour in your office.

Must have look #2 is the Allison Dress in Baby Pink Pin Dots and B.a.i.t. Footwear Ida Heels.


This dress is a no brainer for a Winter wardrobe.
The 3 quarter sleeves jersey knit top will keep you warm while the full gathered polka dot skirt with pockets (if a dress or skirt has pockets I gotta have it) will add some fun to your outfit.
Again this colour combination will allow you to wear black stockings without it looking odd, paired with the Fairy Pink Ida heels for a cute casual look.
To accessories you could add this adorable Strawberry Milkshake brooch by Perth based store Atomic Mingo.


Must have look #3 is the Sabrina Dress in Coral Pink


This one caught my eye not only because it’s long sleeved and therefore Winter appropriate but because of the beautiful coral colour which is something I don’t have in my wardrobe.
This style of dress is perfect for business meetings or cooler nights out with friends. The simplicity of the bodice means it has more room to accessories.
For a fun semi casual look you could add the B.a.i.t. Footwear Isabella heels in teal along with Ula the Unicorn by Erstwilder

9 10

For a more dressed up look for those business meetings or important dinner dates pair with gorgeous mint block heels like these by Missguided and clutch purse from Target.


Or for an ever bigger wow factor why not try pairing the Sabrina dress with purple accessories like these court heels from Boohoo.com and matching clutch purse.


These are my musts haves for the month of May, what are you must haves?

Miss Dottie

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