Pops of colour with Rago shapewear

For the past several months my go to pieces for shapewear have been Rago.
This brand works wonders in the shapewear world and were worn on the set of Mad Men to help achieve those killer curves and streamline silhouettes.
When I ordered my first piece I was so disappointed that the only colour options were white and black, I’d seen girls wearing brightly coloured pieces so I was pretty bummed I couldn’t find the same.
I didn’t realise that this is because those girls had hand dyed pieces either from Orchard Corset (who now no longer offer this service) or home d.i.y. jobs.

I have 4 Rago pieces that I wear pretty regularly, the 6207 (shaping shorts), corselette,  2202 longline bra and 443 open bottom girdle.

I ordered all of these in white except for the corselette, I couldn’t look past the gorgeous black/red colour combo.

So the remaining 3 pieces are the perfect blank canvas needed to create some fun coloured shapewear.

Now the hard part was deciding what colour to go.
I went to my local Spotlight (craft/sewing super store, I’m talking huge! I could and do spend hours in there!!) and picked out three different brands to try in three different colours.

Rit in Rose Pink, Dylon in Flamingo Pink and iDye Poly in Violet.
*Remember when you choose your dye to get a dye for synthetic material, be sure to know what material you are dyeing before purchasing your dye as not all synthetic dyes work on the same materials*


So once I had my dyes selected I decided it would be wise to do a trial run before attempting to dye my Rago pieces.

I picked up this great cone shape wire free bra from my local Target in boring white that was perfect for this little experiment.
It was a cotton blend so it worked pretty well even though I should have technically used a natural fibre dye.

So following the instructions for the Rit dye I used the sink method which requires you to pre-wet the material, dissolve the dye in hot water first and then add to about 6 litres of hot water before popping in the material.

So far so good (don’t forget to wear gloves because it may stain your skin)

After about 30 minutes of constant stirring the dyeing process was complete and I was super happy with the results.

So it was out on the line to dry and was ready to wear the next day.

2 4

The next dye I tried was the Dylon dye.
Again following the instructions I dissolved the powder in about 1 cup of water before adding it to my sink of hot water and then adding my underwear.

This time it was a vintage bra and cotton briefs (the bra was too small so I didn’t mind using it as a test run)


Using the same method as I did with the Rit dye the colour was looking amazing when it was in the sink.
But once I rinsed it out I was pretty disappointed to see all the dye washing away. This was my fault though as Dylon dye is not suitable for pure polyester which was what the bra was made out of.


Never mind, I still had one dye to try.
The iDye Poly works on polyester and nylon which is what Rago is made out of so I decided I would give that bra another go along with my 6207 shorts. I wanted to do a trial with the shaping shorts before attempting my longline bra because the iDye method requires you to use your stove top. I was concerned that the constant heat may damage the plastic boning which it didn’t.


iDye Poly requires you to fill your steel pot with water and bring to a boil before adding the dye sachet into the water to dissolve along with the colour intensifier.
Once it was fully dissolved you can add your pre-wetted material.
This one killed my arm as it requires constant stirring for 30-45 minutes to ensure even colour distribution.


I stirred for 45 minutes, rinsed with warm then cold water and hand washed each piece with a mild detergent and cold water before putting them out on the line to dry.

And tah-dah!

I’m pretty happy with how they turned out and now know that iDye Poly works best on Rago shapewear.
So it’s off to Spotlight again to choose a new colour for my longline bra and open bottom girdle…I’m thinking teal


*Rago 6207 advice, if you’re like me and are a little squishy, pair the shaping shorts with the 2202 longline bra to avoid the little muffin top I have going here :)*

You will become addicted to dyeing your underwear, I want to dye everything now!!

Happy d.i.y.-ing!

Miss Dottie

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