Angels on Bare Skin by LUSH

As part of my quest to completely convert my beauty regime to animal friendly products I have been looking into not only make-up but skin care, body wash and hair care.

One of the brands I fell in love with while searching for these cruelty free alternatives was Lush.
Why do I love them? Lush offer the most amazing range of handmade, natural skin care, hair care and cosmetics all made with 100% cruelty free, vegetarian ingredients that uses certified palm oil and none of the nasties that can often be found lurking in many skin care products. With products for men, women and children and staff that are always ready to help and offer in store sample treatments you can guarantee that you will always find something new to love about Lush.

After chatting to a lovely team member about my skin type, which is dry with blemishes she was able to recommend exactly what I need, the Angels On Bare Skin cleansing scrub. I was lucky enough to be able to try this in store and was immediately hooked and took my own pot home with me that day!


Made with ground almond for gentle exfoliating, lavender oil for balancing and calming properties, rose for balancing and restoring colour, Kaolin clay to cleanse and exfoliate and scented with the most lovely Lavender fragrance I’ve ever come across, it’s perfect for a gentle everyday exfoliating cleanser.
As the name suggests, this cleanser is meant for use on bare skin, so removing your make up before hand is recommended. To use you simply take a tiny bit into your palm and add a little bit of warm water to create a beautiful almond milk paste.

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Now for the fun part! Since this is a skin brightening cleanser, focus on any red areas and gently massage into your skin. You’ll notice pretty quickly your skin actually begin to brighten before your very eyes! The ground almonds exfoliate and the lavender flowers and essential oil soothe to create the perfect balance.
Follow with your favourite moisturiser and I promise you won’t even want to cover up your skin with make-up; you’ll love the fresh face feeling Angels On Bare Skin gives.

A quick tip for using Lush cleansers and scrubs: they can be a little messy so I would recommend using them in shower for easy clean up especially if you’re using a coal based cleaner like Dark Angels.


 A great sign that Lush products are made fresh and are natural is the seemingly short shelf life. Lush cleaners have a 3 month shelf life, which if ignored you may find you won’t get the most out of the essential oils. I found though that 3 months is plenty of time, you get so many uses out of just a single tub and your skin will love you.

 So where can you get it?

Lush stores can be found in over 40 countries as well as online so if you don’t have a store near you, don’t fret, you can find everything you need online and have it delivered to your door.

So you’re probably thinking that because it has all natural ingredients it’s going to be out of my price range, the good news is lush is quite affordable. With products to suit all budgets you’re sure to find a new goodie every time.

Here’s just a quick price guide for the Angels On Bare Skin cleanser:

Australian readers:  100g pot- $16.95

UK readers: 100g pot-£9.75

USA readers: 3.5oz pot- $13.95

New Zealand readers: 100g pot- $18.90

If you have skin like mine that is prone to dryness and blemishes I recommend giving Angels On Bare Skin a go and perhaps use every second day if you have irritable skin.

A big plus is that this is  actually on the lower end of the price scale in comparison to other cleansers on the market, so trialling new products is much more affordable. One last added bonus before I bid you adieu, Lush offer a frequent shopper program to help reduce waste. Simply return 5 of the Lush pots to receive a free Fresh Face mask as a thank you.

Miss Dottie DeMure.

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