Velourlips Matte Lipstick

I have recently found a new appreciation for matte lipsticks, but finding a good one that is animal friendly can be quite tricky.

I decided to give Australis Velourlips a go.
I jumped onto their website and had a read through the information they offered.

Not tested on animals- ✓

Vegan friendly- ✓

Long wear formula- ✓

Highly pigmented- ✓

Non-flaking- ✓

Great range of colours- ✓

Ridiculously affordable- ✓

Ok so it ticked all the boxes now to try it out.

Velourlips comes in 15 shades, from nudes, organge, reds, pinks and even some fun purples.

I initially just grabbed one to try and then took advantage of a 3 for 2 sale at Priceline.

The shades I chose and love were:


The applicator is angled to make it much more user friendly and easier to create crisp clean lines.
The angled applicator also makes it easier to be a little daring a go outside your natural lip line to create a mega pout look.
The lipstick itself really is creamy and highly pigmented so you need less to create a gorgeous bold lip.

If you’re new to matte lipstick it basically applies like a gloss and dries with a very glamorous matte finish.

A nice little touch is that it’s scented and smells something like grape lollies.

But how does it compare to other matte lipsticks? Pretty well I’d say.
If applied correctly you can get several hours wear.

While Velourlips is not exactly kiss proof it won’t smear off as easily as regular lipsticks, and as to be expected with just about any lip colour, you will need to apply some touch ups after eating and drinking, but again not as much as regular lipsticks.

Something I have come to accept about matte lipsticks is that they can be rather drying, a good lip balm can help to ease this.

Before applying use a bit of lip balm to avoid it drying too much and flaking off.
You can also add more balm during the day if you need it.

The lipstick does feel wonderful on your lips when it is freshly applied and if maintained will last you all day.


I use Natralus Paw Paw ointment which is also not tested on animals.

So how do they look on?
Looking at the colours in the tube doesn’t give the best idea about what they’ll look like so choosing a new shade can be a little daunting.
So here’s the shades that I chose actually being worn.

Bar-Tha-Lona is a really fun orange-red.


Ny-Cee is a true red, it’s a little hard to tell with such bright natural light, but it’s a gorgeous deep shade of red. Perfect for vintage looks.


Doo-Bai is a brown red which is perfect for cooler weather when you feel like switching to darker colours.


Mal-I-Boo is the perfect Barbie pink, at first it kind of freaked me out because it is so bright but I’ve grown to love it.


Shang-hai is a gorgeous dark pink/purple. Perfect for when you want to move away from pinks and reds.

Something I learned while trying on each colour was to be adventurous and choose something you normally wouldn’t, because you just may surprise yourself.
I never would have chosen a shade like Doo-Bai normally, but I wanted to get a good range of colours, and guess what! It’s actually one of my favourites now!

Retailing at just $9.95 choosing a few shades and adding some that you normally wouldn’t pick is pretty affordable.

For overseas friends, Australis offer Internation Shipping to over 30 countries!

Velourlips overall have won me over and I’ll definitely be adding more to my collection.

Miss Dottie.

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