Sportsgirl Pout About It

After being a lip gloss girl for the longest time I decided to give lipstick a go.
I was worried that lipstick might make me look older than what I am because lip glosses are normally targeted at young people, silly I know, but that was my thought process.
Any way, the first brand I chose when trying out if lipstick was for me was Sportsgirl “Pout About It”, my main reason was they’re products are not tested on animals.

The colour palette available is quite extensive, when I first purchased this brand there were maybe ten or so options, now you have thirty options to choose from with a mix of matte and satin finishes!
At $9.95ea they are very affordable which makes it all the more easy to collect them all.

The first shade I bought was Bombshell (red) and loved it straight away.

Bombshell is a true red which and is perfect for a simple or more vamped up pinup look.

This is a highly pigmented matte lipstick which means you can use less and still get great coverage.


After trying this one I pretty much bought a new shade every week and now have so many options but still find myself wanting more as new shades are released. I think I might have to add some browns and deep purples to my collection.


I found I was pretty happy with the results of my other colours too, which are all so vibrant and fun.

The lipsticks are really moisturising and long lasting, they have a couple of nourishing oils in them like Evening Primrose Oil and Jojoba Oil which make it really comfortable to wear.

Here are the rest…

Bright Time 1 Berrylicious 1 Catwalk Queen 1 Dear Diary 1 Pink Ladies 1 Strawberry Fields 1 Sugar Lips 1 Violet Crumble 1

Since this blog is part of my journey into cruelty free cosmetics it’s important to note that yes they do not test on animals, however this product is not vegan or vegetarian and also contains palm oil.

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